Day 26 – Slow and steady


It’s Day 26 of Write 31 Days. It is the first time in years I got this far in the challenge, but this year I find myself with plenty of drafts on topics I want to write about to last me into mid-November.

Yesterday as I was looking for some scriptures to share as part of the spiritual thought at English lesson I had this funny thought to change the name of this blog, and keep on writing on topic. I have never been very good in sticking to a topic in my blogs, but it’s something I might want to think through.

Today will be very busy between work, English, and team building. I am already struggling to find some time for scripture study. With all the emphasis on consistency, I still fail at it. As much as I try, some days I only get a few verses read. There are even days when I read nothing. So a good friend and I decided to read the Book of Mormon together. The first 2 days we managed to get to 1 Nephi 1:3. The Book of Mormon has 6604 verses. At that pace it would take us a little over 12 years to read the Book of Mormon! Luckily we have gotten better at it, and we are moving on to the next chapter.

Back with a real post tomorrow.

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