Christmas is coming so I Crochet

onebrickAll my crochet groups on Facebook are full of Christmas preparations: angels, stars, snowflakes. I haven’t even thought about starting these, but I have ordered 1kg of white crochet thread that should be getting here any time now. I am also working on some Christmas gifts that do not have any specific Christmas themes, and I have dug up my leftover yarn to make the customary stockings I make so I don’t have to wrap things. My wrapping skills are seriously impaired.

In non-crochet related news, I decided to make a few small Advent calendars with not-quite-tangible surprises that take up little space and can deliver a daily encouragement. We shall see how I am with a glue gun. 🙂

I am, unfortunately, clueless about what to give my 8-year-old niece for Christmas. When I ask her what she’d like, she always asks for plush animals, but those keep ending up in the attic, because she has enough of them to overtake the whole house. Anyone having any suggestions what’s hot with 8-year-olds these days?

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