It’s been almost three weeks

It’s been almost three weeks since my sister died, and, surprisingly, the good memories start to beat out the emptiness and the immense sadness of losing her. I never posted a picture of her here, because she was very picky about what she considered good photos, and she could never make her mind up which photo to post, but as I went through thousands of photos from her 34 years creating two photobooks the last two weeks, I found some that I especially loved. Maybe they weren’t the best photos, but the memories attached made them outstandingly good.

This photo was taken two years ago while we were on vacation in Vonyarcvashegy. It is the one photo that shows my sister as I remember her: beautiful, funny, communicative, witty, sarcastic, smiley. 

It will be a while before a day passes without a deep ache occuring at random times, missing her. But with the pain of her loss I am eternally grateful for the 34 years I had her as my sister. 


  1. Hi there. I’m soo truly sorry to hear about the passing of your Sister. I know what it’s like to lose a family member – I lost my Mom almost two years ago. I can’t say it ever gets better, because it doesn’t. But, as the months have passed by, I’ve come to accept her passing, and often find myself talking to her in silence. You and your family are in my prayers. I hope that you are able to find peace.

    Debra Lee

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