Catching Up Part 1 – Balatonföldvár

2015-08-15 11.29.34After our annual Vonyarcvashegy vacation we had a wonderful opportunity to spend another week at lake Balaton in August. This time we went to Balatonföldvár. It is located on the south shore of the lake, where the water is shallow to the extent of having to walk over a hundred meters in knee deep water to reach a spot where one can actually swim. Because of this the southern shore is popular with families with young children. Except, of course, our family.

2015-08-13 08.57.29-1My niece was about to become an independent swimmer, and the super shallow lake just didn’t cut it. Good thing our hotel had a pool! It wasn’t very large, but it was just funenough for all of us. Surprisingly enough there was hardly anyone else using the pool, so after two attempts at the lake we just went to the pool three times a day. We even convinced my Dad to take a dip! That was two for two this summer. My sister very carefully instructed her daughter on how to breathe while swimming, and by the third morning she managed to swim twice the length of the pool without stopping. 2015.08.14 Balatonföldvár 193354 Katafotó eredeti

We managed to find an exellent restaurant on the first day, and we kept going back every day to try their various fish dishes. It ignited the Great Hungarian Fisherman’s Soup Debate in the family, but finally we settled on everyone liking the Szeged style soup–possibly because that is what we know rather than the Baja style.

One day Dad and I went on a long walk in the village, through some of the tourist paths, in search of a different beach from where we usually went, and we discovered a small rest area with wild berries and beautiful floweres. It was in a secluded, moderately difficult to access area, and we only found it because we got lost. Twice.

2015.08.12 Balatonföldvár 9493 eredeti

While I took my hooks and yarn to Földvár, I have to admit my creativity kind of decreased while enjoying the sun, time with family, and a few good books. This occasionally happens when life intervenes.

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