Guerilla Crocheters in Budapest

First there was a the tram that was decorated by hand-knot and crocheted items. Then, a few weeks ago, some guerilla crafters covered one of the warming stones on Móricz with images from Budapest. Here are a few:

2015-07-02 14.35.25
The Gellért Hill on top, with the Citadell, the Cave Church by the blue Danube, the white National Museum and the yellowis Keleti (Railway station) on the bottom.
2015-07-02 14.35.52
The Parliament in black, with a yellow tram in front
2015-07-02 14.36.08
The Zoo in the very bottom, with the City Park’s lake and ducks.
2015-07-02 14.36.23
Heroes’ Square on the bottom.


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